To the Mountain

View from Wachusett MountainLast week, I “climbed” to the top of Wachusett Mountain with a college friend and recent New England transplant. Now, it is important when we say “climbed,” we parked at the state reservation and walked the rather short–but steep–incline to the summit.

If you have not been up to Wachusett Mountain (mountain top, not ski lodge), the view is rather impressive for the sheer fact that we don’t really experience expansive views in our daily lives. Or, at least I don’t in my drive to work, the grocery store and home.

Even though Wachusett is rather local, it had been years since I set foot on the rock top and saw Boston in the distance. To be honest, I’m not sure what kept me away. Maybe it was that rejection of being “home” again, but it only made me regret my former attitude. In the fall, I am sure that the foliage is amazing with Mount Monadnock in the distance.

With every step we took up the stone steps to the summit, I felt as if it was a step to reclaiming the New England I once knew. With each step and insightful conversation, I felt more purposeful. Our lives are too short to live in regret these decisions we make when we do not know where to go next.

It was a cool evening and I could feel fall creeping through the August air. What is more New England than autumn?