A Longer Than Intended Hiatus

Have you ever procrastinated on something so long that you then begin to dread going back? Or completing the task? Or calling that friend you meant to talk to three months ago but life just “got in the way”? Or if you haven’t visited the gym and you know that when you do finally get back on that treadmill that you will not enjoy the pain in your legs and your stamina will be gone?

Okay, maybe I’m getting off track, but have you ever taken so long to respond to a message that you wonder if it’s even worth it? I’m the worst when it comes to responding to email, text messages, Facebook posts, etc. I just put it off because I usually notice the flashing light on my phone when I’m in the middle of doing something, like working or watching Sleepy Hollow. To be completely honest, unless it’s work related, the need to respond has to eat at me before I’ll actually do it.

I know–it’s horrible. I’m a horrible person. I don’t even know why I do it. I usually see the message. I don’t intend to be rude. I think about responding. I contemplate what type of message I would send back.

But I never send the reply.

And I’ve been avoiding this venue as well with the same idea. I’ve delayed composing a post because, well, life keeps getting in the way.

I’m not sure if this is so much an excuse as a reason, but I’m a twenty-something, working two part-time jobs while juggling relationships, paying bills, and trying to figure out if graduate school is worth the investment (I read too much online). Add in family obligations, community events, church, New England weather and basic survival needs and before I know it, it’s late and I’m crawling into bed with thoughts of tomorrow.

But this, this here, has nagged at me for the last month. What would I write about? What is it that I want to accomplish with this blog? Which aspect of my life should I focus on? And I let these questions justify my lack of action.

Conclusion? I’m not sure if I can come to one. I know that this may be the first post of many to come in rapid succession or it may be one in a wasteland of time. There are no words of wisdom here, or maybe just some thoughts for later consideration.


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